Sunday, March 4, 2007

A Mediterranean Mishap

Chicken, garlic, tomatoes, artichokes, could a dish with these ingredients be anything but flavorful? I printed out this recipe for Mediterranean Chicken and Pasta a couple of weeks ago and decided to try it tonight. With those ingredients, it seemed like it would be a sure-fire hit, but something is definitely lacking. The chicken was tender and tasty, but the overall flavor was a little bland.

I made some modifications to the recipe, using stewed tomatoes instead of roasted peppers and adding capers. I probably should have drained the liquid from the tomatoes, because I ended up with a very soupy sauce. The capers gave the dish a little added sharpness, but it still wasn't enough. Although I wasn't completely satisfied with how this turned out, I may give it another try. Next time with crushed tomatoes and topping it off with some grated parmesan. I have leftovers, so I plan to pick up some grated cheese tomorrow and see how that works out.


Alison said...

It sounds good - I can usually kind of "taste" a recipe while reading it. I agree, draining the tomatoes might help. You could try baking the leftovers to dry them out a little? Maybe it could use some gremolata from last weekend's recipe!

tracht said...

I'd add some lemon juice or yogurt or sour cream. Any of those would give it a little bite (and work wonderfully with the capers), and the yogurt or sour cream would thicken it up too. A little wine or sherry would go well too.

I have this wonderful dish for turkey filets that uses yogurt, sour cream, oil, capers, lemon juice and wine (I usually substitute sherry). Not a lot of any of these, mind you, just a tablespoon or two, well more of the yogurt and sour cream -- I mean there has to be some sauce! But, the point is, it's yummy, with a real zing to it.