Sunday, November 1, 2009

Brooklyn Welcomes NYC Marathoners

I live in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, which is about 4 miles in from the start of the NYC Marathon. I never went to watch the runners before but decided to take a walk over to see them today.

It's quite an amazing site to see thousands of people running along the street. There's a very festive feel in the air with people cheering and even a band playing for the crowd.

I was surprised to
see some runners dressed in elaborate costumes, like the Eiffel Tower! Now, I love the Eiffel Tower, but I wouldn't run a mile, let alone 26 miles, in a costume of it. Another guy had on a contraption that looked like a swam. The neck and head extended out in front of him, and it looked like he was holding reins conected to the neck . Unfortunately, I was too slow and didn't get a picture of that.

There were also two men dressed as nuns, another guy as Uncle Sam, some bees and various other costumes. Other unusual sites -- a group of ladies from England running in their bras with their shirts off. I understand they do that every year. And the Barefoot Runner. Yes, he was running barefoot on the streets of NY and carrying a large flag advertising the fact.

In the video, you'll hear one spectator in particulrar cheering everyone on (especially those who looked like they were flagging) and welcoming them all to Brooklyn.

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Theresa said...

Glad you caught the bees!

I've many times watched in Central Park as they hit that final mile, although not in recent years. In the olden days I'd go out to cheer that last mile and would be the only bystander there!

I don't remember much in the way of costumes, but there were great t-shirts to cheer.