Saturday, April 12, 2008

Brooklyn Sock Knit-along III

Alison came by today and we've decided on Brooklyn Sock Knit-along III -- Rivendell Socks. How talented is the designer that these absolutely evoke Middle Earth's Rivendell. If I could live anywhere in Tolkein's world it would be there. (And, of course, Aragorn would be there, too. That pesky Arwen having sailed off into the West in my version of the story.)

We looked at different yarns and are both leaning toward Shelrdige Farms Soft Touch Ultra. Brooklyn Sock Knit-along I was in this yarn, as well as the Tidal Wave socks (below) I finished recently.

It's really lovely to work with and very soft and cushy to wear. There are so many gorgeous colors to choose from, but we think a lighter color will make the pattern stand out. I'm leaning towards either Pussy Willow or Toffee, which are quite neutral.

The Rivendell Socks will be a challenge for a few reasons: I'll have to follow a chart, and although I'm used to doing that for cross-stitch, I prefer following written knitting patterns; there's a twisted rib stitch that requires a cable needle, which I've never tried before; and the heel is a flap and gusset, which I attempted on a practice sock and didn't quite get the hang of it.

Even so, I'm looking forward to learning some new techniques and can't wait to get started. How do you resist a sock that's described as "the perfect sock for elvish knitters everywhere..."


Alison said...

I did write the designer about those blue and yellow chart symbols...

Theresa said...

I see your LOTR DVDs getting a workout while you knit these! I love the pattern - and I think Toffee is a gorgeous color for them - very appropos to Rivendell as well.