Saturday, August 4, 2007

Brooklyn Sock Knit-a-long Update

Completed the first sock of the sock knit-a-long with Alison. In my original post about this sock, I said:

This pattern has a bit of an unusual twist -- the sock can be worn knitted side out ... or inside out which reveals a completely different, very fun design. I'm going to keep the inside design a secret until I finish the first sock. So stay tuned.
It is now time to reveal the secret: when the sock is worn inside out, you'll see a pattern of tiny Eiffel Towers.

Another interesting detail is that the toe and heel are on
the purl side.

Even if you wear the sock right side ou
t, you still have a nice pattern. But I'll be wearing these with the Eiffel Towers showing, of course.
I now have two knitted socks, but not a complete pair. The second sock for this pair is already on my needles with the toe done.

[These pictures don't show the actual colorway of the wool -- Pumpkin -- which is orange rather than this berry pink. I guess I have to play around with my camera setting to get a better result. ]

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JL said...

Nice socks with beautiful colour.