Monday, July 23, 2007

I Must Be Crazy

A couple of friends who know of my love of bees in cross-stitch, emailed me about the Bee Fields Shawl. I've been wanting to try my hand at lace knitting, and this design certainly is beautiful. So I clicked through to purchase the kit. I remember trying to decide between the Tupelo Gold or Buckwheat Honey colorways and thought I opted for Tupelo Gold. I remember adding it to the shopping cart and maybe even beginning to complete the transaction. But I could swear that I decided not to go ahead with the purchase. Or did I decide it wasn't that much money so I'd buy it. Seems I bought it because the kit arrived in the mail today -- in Buckwheat Honey.

My first attempt at lace knitting was last year with the
Candle Flame Shawl. Although I started in the fall, I naively thought I would be able make it as a Christmas gift. What was I thinking?! I ripped the darn thing out dozens of times because I couldn't get past row 20 of the 36-row pattern repeat. Even when I was meticulously checking my stitches and thought I had completed rows correctly, had the correct number of stitches, I'd knit knit the next row and it'd be off. Worse yet, I couldn't figure out where I made the mistake. Fed up, I abandoned the project. Now here I am with 1900 yds. of laceweight merino wool and a xx pages of instructions for a quite complicated undertaking for my knitting skill level. But that's me, never start simple. Where's the challenge in that, right? I'm in no hurry to start this any time soon. I have socks and a scarf to finish -- not to mention several cross-stitch projects.


May said...

Oh your not crazy. birthday santa came early this year! :)

Alison said...

That's beautiful - and I think very reasonably priced for a full kit with hand-dyed yarn. I also think the Buckwheat will go better with your coloring. Remember, you just knit 1 stitch at a time (just like cross stitch.)

PS I found Sock 1...

Alison said...

What to do with unfinishable projects - read on a newsgroup!

The owner and designer, Kathy Barrick-Dieter, posts the following
article on her News page at

.......STILL WANTED: DEAD or ALIVE!!!! I'm STILL in need of
unfinished projects that you may want to part with. If you've started
a design you know you'll never finish, even if it's full of mistakes,
I'd love to purchase it from you. I'd better limit this to my designs
only. I would like to do a new series of Fragment Pendants and am
running out of old models to cut apart. So, if you have something,
I'd love to hear about it! 40 count or 36 count are preferred. And,
I can pay you either in cash or charts, whatever you prefer! Thank
you very much!! You can send me an e-mail at .......

So - any hopeless UFOs out there?