Thursday, March 22, 2007

To the Finish

Non-stitchers who know I cross stitch have occasionally said, "You must sew really well." Um, no. I can sew a button, fix a hem (notwithstanding that a hem on a pair of pants is currently pinned) and even shorten the sleeves on my suit jackets if I put my mind to it. But sewing really isn't my thing.

That's why almost none of the pieces I stitch are ever totally finished -- no pillows, no needlebooks, not even framing, nada. Occasionally there have been exceptions.

For the most part, though, I stitch a design for the pure enjoyment of stitching. But when I'm done, I still want to display it. So a few years ago, I began hanging my finished projects from bookshelves. I got the idea from my friend Theresa. I usually have the most-recent finish out with a few favorites. Depending on the season, I might hang related projects, like Santas at Christmas. The rest of the finished pieces are stored in a pillow case in a drawer. Every once in a while, though, I'll look through what I have and am reminded of a piece or two I really liked. That's what inspired me to put together this display of houses:

There are many stitchers who do wonderful finishing. Like this stitcher. I was struck by the number of things she's finished and how lovely they all are. There's also a link on her site to a group called Focus on Finishing that has lots of inspiration and links to tutorials. One category that caught my eye was fabric book covers. I like that idea and would consider making one. Sewing may not be my thing, but I can be crafty now and then. Most of the links are to French sites, so I may have to enlist my French-speaking friends to translate for me. Maybe I can offer to make a book cover for them.


Cheryl said...

I like your display! I am exactly the same. I love stitching but i am not keen on finishing at all! Its just not as fun and im scared i'll ruin the piece ive stitched!

Cynthia said...

Thanks, Cheryl. Even though you don't finish things, I hope you keep them out to enjoy and for other people to admire. I took a look at your blog yesterday and I meant to comment on the photos of where you live and how beautiful it is. What a great place.

May said...

You've reminded me that I still need to stitch some "Barbara and Cheryl".

Hee hee, I've just finally took down the "Paris" I had up on my file cabinet and I've switched in my recen t finish. It'll make do until I frame it :)

Alison said...

Well I have quite a package of things to frame, and on the 31st I'm taking some of them (3 owls) to Don!

Jamie said...

Hi! I found your blog through Cheryl's blog. I like your idea on showing your finishes. I don't know how to finish anything yet!! I also live in NYC. Your work is beautiful.

Theresa said...

Hmmm, this reminds me that I need to drape some Easter-y finishes around my apartment to enjoy! Glad you are sharing our 'finishing' techniques.

Oh, and confess, the real reason you like the stitcher's website is the bees.