Thursday, February 22, 2007

Say Cheese

To make some progress on this blog, I need to add photos. Which means, I need a digital camera. I decided to buy a Nikon Coolpix L10. It's a new model, but it's a good brand and has some great features to play with. I don't take pictures often, but I want to show my UFO progress. And yes, there'll probably be cat pictures, too. Not sure when the camera will be delivered. It's supposed to be available this month sometime.

Some people aren't comfortable with buying something like a camera online. Especially without seeing it first or playing around with it in a store. I'd feel weird doing that anyway. I've bought a number of things online sight unseen. Like my new carpet, which I purchased at I love that site. I also bought my dining room table from there. Both of which I'm very happy with. The rug is very soft underfoot. (If I had my camera, I could post a picture of it!) And the dining table is a French Country style in a warm nutmeg-colored wood. My next purchase -- a vacuum cleaner. This place is beginning to look like the Dust Bowl.

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tracht said...

Cynthia - You are going to love the Coolpix! I have the model just before this one, and you've seen the photos from it. Can't wait to see the latest model and what features it has that mine doesn't have.

Just think - you'll be able to get those candids of Clive on the internet fast -- when you meet him!