Sunday, October 5, 2008

I went to my first sheep and fiber festival yesterday. Not on the scale of Rhinebeck, but fun nonetheless. Saw many different breeds of sheep -- shetlands, babydolls (small brown sheep w ith heads shaped liked a bear's, Jacobs with two-to-four hours, and many others, the names of which I don't recall -- llamas, bunnies that looked like live "dust bunnies" with their long, fuzzy fur, and in the petting zoo, a pig, a turkey, a funky-looking chicken with a crown of black and white feathers that reminded me of Cruella DeVille. Unfortunately, my camera batteries ran out so I didn't get many pictures.

(Here's a picture of the babydoll, but it wouldn't turn around)

Lots of lovely yarns, especially from The Sanguine Gryphon. They had such gorgeous silks but I didn't buy any of that. I only bought sock yarn. This is Sea Sock, a blend of merino wool and sea silk; the color is "Maggie May."

This is Little Traveller, 100% merino wool that is sooo soft, in "Djibouti."

This is Woolie Bears Superwash from Woolbearers, a wool/nylon blend, in "Don't Leave."

And finally, this is Oasis Yarn Aussie Sock, a merino/nylon blend, in "Hot Pepper."

Now to find patterns for all of these. Off to Ravelry!