Sunday, July 8, 2007

A Weekend Excursion

It was just supposed to be a relaxing weekend by the shore. Really. Sure I knew that we'd be visiting a couple of needlework shops, but I could control myself. Maybe buy just one or two. Really, all I wanted to do was look at the ocean, relax and sit and stitch. Yes, really.
Theresa and I set off for Cape May, New Jersey, on Friday. We were meeting our friend, Carol, who was driving up from Maryland. Theresa and Carol have been making this trip for the past couple of years so that Theresa could deliver the Metrostitchers' submissions to Carol for the Montpelier Needlework show opening July 13. This year they invited me to come along. On the drive down, we were planning to stop at the Cranberry Cupboard in Westmost near Philadelphia. We have met Paula, the shopowner, and wanted to visit her. It's a lovely shop filled with lots of new charts and quite a selection of older ones, too. Paula has many lovely models hanging up, all of which she's stitched herself.

As I wandered around the sh
op, I decided it would be nice to get a kit for a small project since I had brought two larger WIPs that I might want a break from. I found a Shephard's Bush kit called Busy Sheep with sheep and bees that would be perfect. It also was on sale so how could I pass it up? (You see where I'm heading here, right?) Let me cut to the chase here and tell you what else I bought:
  • Haunted Wool by Kit & Bixby-- acheckerboard sheep, a Halloween cat, haunted mansion and jack o'lanterns
  • Mermaid's Singing by The Workbasket -- I liked that it uses colors I don't normally stitch with
  • Santa in the Country by By the Bay Needleart -- love Santa scenes
Okay, it's more than I was planning to buy, but not too much damage. So I check out. We continue chatting with Paula for a bit. I take another turn around the shop and come across this:

Chicken Wired from Whiskey Creek

The fox on the stitched model was so adorable. And lately, I've been drawn to roosters and chickens, sooo... off to the register I went. But then I got it in my head to buy the DMC and fabric so I could start it over the weekend. Yes, I know, I bought the Shepherd's Bush kit for that purpose, but this fox was just calling to me. So I ch
ecked out again, doing slightly more damage.
Finally, we leave. It's late by the time we make it to Cape May. So we drop off our bags at the B&B, go to dinner and call it a night.

Blame it on the heatAfter breakfast on Saturday, I walk down to the beach. It's sunny and warm but there's a nice breeze. I sit on the promenade for a bit, then decide to walk around and "window" shop. I wander in and out of a few tacky souvenir shops and jewelry shops, but there's not temptation there. Then on to a Christmas shop. DANGER, DANGER. I not only love to stitch Santas and Christmas-themed pieces, I also collect Santas. The shop had wonderful Christmas ornaments and I bought a couple -- a Santa and sleigh pulled by a cow, sheep, pig, and duck and a Santa on skates holding two owls -- both very cute. I also picked up an Eiffel Tower ornament which I taunted Theresa with so much that she had to buy herself one the next day.

There were also a number of beautiful Santa figurines. Too many to chose
from -- almost. I just couldn't resist this one.

When I bought it, I didn't realize that there was a secret compartment in the base. And in it is a rolled up list for Santa! Now how cute is that?

After lunch and a little more window shopping, it was back to the B&B for some stitching. We sat on the porch to stitch, but the sun was beating down that it was just too hot. We moved to the gazebo which as a little better. At le
ast we were out of the sun. I attempted to start Chicken Wired, but after frogging three times I gave up. No stitching for me.

We decided we'd head over to Stitch by Stitch before dinn
er. Sharon, the shop owner, is very fun and friendly. And her shop is chock full of charts, old and new. Need I say that my tepid resolution of buying only one or two charts was thrown by the wayside by this time? Here's what I bought:

  • Parisian Panache in Cross Stitch from Leisure Arts -- Besides the Eiffel Tower, there's a chart for fishnet stockings that is too precious.
  • American School of Needlework book of Colorful Borders -- I couldn't pass up the checkerboard chickens.

What can I say? I'm weak. I ad
mit it. If I could, I'd stitch every one of these. If only I had enough life times.

The weekend wasn't a total spendthrift holiday. After three weeks, I finally kicked my bronchitis cough. I owe it to the sea air -- and maybe the shopping. ;-)


May said...

Wow, nice haul back :)
I've actually been stitching. So, a photo of FO will be soon!
I'm really glad you're feeling better and got a nice weekend away. It was a bummer of a weekend here. Lots of heat and rain. major agh.

Rodrigo said...

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Theresa said...

Hmmm, I don't see the purchases from Bath Island there - I could swear you walked out with a rubber duckie or two!

Oh, I see - you left the bag in the trunk of the car! Well, guess you'll have to post an addendum when you get it home finally.

Cheryl said...

Great purchases! Glad you feel better, im ill at the moment...maybe i should try some stash shopping too ;)